Develop and enhance vital leadership skills to create a diverse set of effective leaders for the generations to come.

Interactive Discussions

Students frequently discuss the course content with their peers for valuable insights.

Interesting Quizzes

At the end of each module students assess what they learned.

Premium Material

Each module contains a selection of readings, activities, videos, and discussions

Have an Impact with Our Training

Utilizing acquired leadership skills, students will be able to have an impact on their communities daily.

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Year 1: Foundations in Leadership

Students will learn that true leadership is challenging, but once the results of helping develop others on an individual level are seen, a career in leadership can be extremely fulfilling.

Students will learn that for someone to become a leader they need to develop the mindset needed to be one and what they intend to do once they are a leader.

Students will learn that emotional Intelligence is what bridges the gap between a good leader and a great leader. By understanding both ourselves and others on a deeper level, we will be significantly more successful in working as a team and in fulfilling our mission.


Leaders must have a vision in mind and create
standards or principles that will guide the ways by
which this vision can be achieved. Students will learn that these standards might include how teammates should interact, how work should be completed, or other metrics.